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The one thing I’ve enjoyed the most about Capto is allowing me to capture data of players in the environment they perform in. The different putts they face and how in turn this effects their pattern. 

Many other systems don’t allow that opportunity and ultimately in order to truly help players improve this is essential.

PGA Professional

Director Harold Swash Putting Ltd

Phillip Kenyon


I’ve always had the ability to see many faults in the putting stroke with my naked eye, but there are times that I just can’t see a certain movement happening.

And I don’t ever like to guess. That’s why I love using Capto.

It backs up the information I already know and then provides me with the accurate data to fill in the blanks. 

Head Coach Tour Development Academy 

Nathan Leonhardt

david_orr bio pic.jpg

CAPTO is one of the several diagnostic tools I use in coaching putting…I love its versatility for indoor and outdoor use!

PGA Tour Putting Coach

Flatstick Academy Founder

David Orr

Jason photo.jpg

Capto is a fantastic coaching tool. Its portability allows me to use the system during  “on course’’ lessons giving immediate feedback to our clients. The system allows us to view  the motion of the swing in a way that a slow motion camera or naked eye would not. 

It identifies what is happening during the putting action and identify any faults that may exist within the swing. The Capto system is extremely beneficial to us as Professionals as well as to our clients.

Director of Instruction

Jason Laws Golf Academy

Jason Laws


Capto is a revolutionary putting device that allows the coach to dig deep into the putting stroke. As most technologies, it provides an accurate measurement of the face angle, Club’s path and arc, as well as the impact spot from the strike but it also gives an in-depth look into the pushing pulling and twisting the player puts into the grip, with  incredibly visual software.  Capto not only gives the data at impact but the when, where and why the impact numbers are created. I’ve elevated my putting knowledge immensely using Capto. 

PGA Golf Coach - Toronto, Canada

Nick Starchuk


Working with Capto has really helped me to understand the putting stroke better.

It gives great insight in what a player actually does during the stroke.

Don’t guess what you can measure! The data is extremely accurate and presented in a very visual way.

The Capto sensor works both great indoors in ‘controlled environments’ as well as outdoors in ‘uncontrolled environments’.

This versatility makes it a ‘must have’ for every coach that is interested in putting.

PGA A professional - North Europe Capto Partner

Jochem Burghouts

michael michelidas.png

Capto has opened up a whole new world of information for me as a Golf Professional/Coach.  It has made my students measurably better, as well as making me a better coach.  


I recommend Capto to any serious teacher or coach.

Head Coach for Long Island University

Teaching Professional at The Rock Golf & country club

Michael Michaelides


I could never say I was a strong technical coach of putting. Process, read and mindset. Kept it simple. Capto has given me an understanding of the technical that only enhanced my ability to coach Process Read and Mindset. Opened my eyes to elements that can’t be overcome with hard work. The software made it easy to present and understand.

Head Teaching Professional, The Tour LAB inc @ Northview Golf and Country Club - PGA of Canada Class A

Matt Palsenbarg


The Capto putting tool allows me to look at things I can not normally see. I like to measure and compare in golf and this tool allows that to happen with as much ease as any tool on the market. Capto has made my feedback to my clients clear and I can communicate the one or 2 areas to focus on quickly and with ease.

Wheelhouse Golf Academy

Marcus Wheelhouse


Capto Golf is a portable and effective putting analysis device. Capto illuminates what the putter swing is actually doing so that I can unearth the necessary improvements to be made for my students. My teaching is now much more conscious and effective in putting.

Director of Instruction at Pupuke Golf

Ben Guilford


The Capto putting system allows me to see how players move and what parts they are moving. Its accuracy helps guide me to the best fit for a player. Capto allows me to see things i would not be able to see using the naked eye so i can make decisions on accurate informations. With Capto i can give players accurate, real time information while helping to understand what he does when he is putting his best and how to mantain good putting habits. Capto is a great fitting and teaching tool that i would reccomend to a coach or fitter looking for a system that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Fitter & Coach

Lyndon Wilson


Capto is a real game changer!

Using Capto has increased my putting knowledge and I now understand why certain things are happening in my stroke. This really allowed me to be efficient in my practice and make progress a lot faster. I love the ability to test my stroke in different scenarios and the accuracy of the data is phenomenal. It has become an important piece of my practice routine. I now enjoy putting a lot more!

Challenge, Alps, European Tour Golfer

Lorenzo Scalise


Not only does CAPTO gather almost all conceivable data for the putting stroke, it breaks the entire stroke down, making it easier to identify problem areas.

This makes my job as a putting coach far easier.

In addition, it is extremely practical for use indoors and outdoors, without the need for recalibration when varying putts.

I fully believe in the philosophies and principles applied in the development of CAPTO

Specialist Putting Coach

James Jankonski


I have played golf for 45 years. I had the priviledge to play for 13 years on Tour in Europe. I still train and set myself targets to be achieved as player. Capto let me enjoy and challenges my putting stroke and pushes me to further improve. My aim is to provide clear objective feedbacks while teaching my pupils and pass on some to the challenges I enjoy when using it. 

Teacher at Paolo Quirici Golf School

Distributor of Capto for Switzerland

Paolo Quirici


2 years ago, shortly after the launch I decided to buy CAPTO because I believed that the software would help me to easily understand the results of the putt punch.

After a month of using it, I discovered that it was the best investment made in golf to help my students.

 I am really happy to help both my students and teachers in Argentina with the result analysis.

Teacher at Costa Salguero Golf Center

Rafael Giulietti

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