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Capto brings technology and real-time putting stroke analysis together. With its tour proven reputation, comprehensive and intelligible data. For any coach or golfer serious about improving theirs, or their clients putting, Capto is a must!

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For The

Even lighter, but with all the data and live feedback display, the EZ sensor designed for the player enables them to develop their putting theory and stroke mechanics instantly.

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Capto is extremely easy to set up, using a lightweight sensor that attaches to the shaft of the putter. View stroke data on the small device screen or simply connect via WiFi to your app and you're ready to go. Within the app you can see simple stroke metrics or view the stroke mechanics in intricate detail.

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3D Motion

Your Game, your stroke, your putter

Understand precisely how the putter is moving in 3D and view the putting stroke from every conceivable angle. As well as seeing the sweet spot and rotational putt planes, 3D Motion allows us to understand the exact movements of the putter, in 3D, at every moment of the stroke.

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Endless Data

Capto directly measures:

3 intensities of the magnetic field, 3 angular speeds and 3 accelerations. With the integration of gyroscopes Capto obtain angles values. Integration of the accelerometers obtains movement speeds and, with further integration, the putter positions.
The result is over 30 measurable parameters to dissect your game and identify how you can improve.

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Worlds Best Coaches

Trusted by the worlds best coaches to deliver exact, concise, real time data, Capto lets the worlds best coaches, coach more effectively and efficiently, allowing every player to become their best.

Universities & Colleges

Capto golf is being used by the worlds leading universities and college golf teams, developing the next generation of world class golfers.

Tour Professionals

With over 25 world wide wins, Capto is used by the worlds best players to enhance their game.

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